Carecuff Restraint System

The Carecuff restraint system was developed by Mr Wayne Grove as a ethical and appropriate alternative to the traditional handcuff design which can potentially cause injury, cuts and bruising which could lead to complaints of excessive force, unjust treatment and even litigation. Mechanical restraints are currently used in the private security industry, healthcare and educational sectors and the correct use of carecuff can reduce incidents of violence and aggression and ensure the safety of all involved in the lawful application.

The Carecuff  has been tested extensively  to ensure it meets the required standard of ELITE endorsed products that fall under our ISO9001:2015 quality management system, Elite’s trainers who have designed the syllabus and training methodology are the some of the most experienced, competent and qualified subject matter experts in the field of restraint and use of force.

You can be assured that the Carecuff, its design, durability and ethical application will exceed the capabilities of any similar “soft mechanical device” currently available, combined with the training provided Carecuff is rapidly becoming the “Safer alternative to physical restraint and traditional handcuffs”

The Security Training Authority has accredited our Level 3 Carecuff Trainers qualification and also the Level 2 qualification for those who use the carecuff.